Art is a vital element of my technique. I have been using it from the beginning of my professional career. For some – an unnecessary detail, for me – an indispensable element if we are to talk about a fully designed interior. My missionary attitude towards popularizing art stems from the conviction that arranging space in a functional manner, as well as selecting perfectly matching colors and materials are all extremely important, but only embellishing projects with art, such as paintings, photographs or graphics, seals their individuality and makes a place a home in the full sense of the word.

Thanks to my visual sensitivity, numerous contacts with artists and curators, as well as cooperation with prestigious galleries, I am able to confidently support my customers in selecting works that will resonate with their sense of beauty and represent the most interesting phenomena on the Polish art market at the same time. I assure you that this joint expedition will result in the creation of places which are full of life and culture-forming. Perhaps it will also mark the beginning of a fascinating aesthetic and intellectual journey – a passion for collecting.

Consider yourself invited.