Anna Koszela


My personal vision of a harmoniously arranged interior is a merger of down to earth concern for functionality with excitable, innovative ideas.

My projects projects are a combination of contrasting elements – a well ballanced, yet sizzling coctail of practicality and playfulness, as well as of forms, textures, and styles.

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Projects interiors

"Harmony of opposites" - this perverse statement describes not only the specificity of the architect's profession, but also the original method of an interiors design of Anna Koszela. It indicates binding the opposing poles - artistry and mathematical logic, technical precision that accompanies the designer in her everyday work. Essentially, it shows her individual style, which can be found in every project she implements.

The interiors designed by Anna Koszela are a response to the growing demand for non-standard space, not devoid of expressive accents and bold combinations. The axis of the architect's projects is to combine different orders and search for meaning in seemingly incompatible lumps or materials.

The architecture in the edition of Anna Koszela is the art of eclecticism, which does not avoid compromise, but never gives up on the last word, is bold and leaning towards creating a new aesthetic quality. Anna Koszela meets what is apart from each other from conventions, the elapse of time, provenance.

The ideas and realizations of Anna Koszela are valued by clients for their innovative character and are constantly appreciated by specialists rewarding her in prestigious interior design competitions. We invite you to the gallery where you will find photographic documentation of an architect's designs.